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There’s nothing quite as frightening as being in a serious road traffic accident. When you’re involved in an incident that leaves your vehicle badly damaged, it can be all the more distressing. Rapid Recovery offer a fast, reliable and professional service. ​ We can recover your vehicle from any terrain, rain or shine. Our accident recovery service is first class.


In the event of an accident, once everyone involved is safe and emergency services have confirmed it is safe to do so, contact us to have your vehicle repaired or recovered and moved to a safe place.


On arrival, our recovery specialist will quickly assess the situation and make a decision on what the best course of action is. We may be able to repair your vehicle at the roadside if the damage isn’t severe. Alternatively, we can move it for repair or storage. The vehicle can be moved to Rapid Recovery’s garage or any destination you choose. We’ll also offer a lift to passengers.

collision repair
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